A Teacher (2013) Film Review ***

Every time I browse online news, there always seems to be a story popping up about a teacher sleeping with a student. It seems to be apparent that it’s happening a lot these days.

So, when I read the story line for this movie I was kind of intrigued, I was thinking maybe it will give me an insight into the complete irrational thinking of a teacher crossing the line.


Diana a 30 something sad and lonely teacher starts an affair with a student. Well I guess we all know that the movie wasn’t going to end well.  My opinion of Diana is that she wasn’t mentally well and felt some sort of comfort from a teenage boy. She’s a plain jane with not much going for her, maybe she thought it would boost her confidence.

This movie is definitely an eye opening watch, she obviously didn’t think about her actions and destroyed her own life. I wouldn’t say that this movie is exciting however it does show you her mental health state throughout the affair and how impulsive she was becoming. It’s a descent watch and only 1 hour 15 min if you’re wanting to watch a quick film before bed.


Hannah Fidell


Hannah Fidell


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