Why do I enjoy documentaries?

Documentaries tell stories based on facts, often fiction can be brought into documentaries however the stories are generally told of the direct events. When watching a documentary often you are taken through step by step and you become desperate to know the ending/summary however you know you must watch every bit in-between. It’s like reading a book, you can’t skip to the end you must read every chapter, however reading has never been my strong point as you may tell by my grammatical errors.

As devastating and upsetting some documentaries may be, it gives you an insight into the life of others. Each person in the world has a different story, maybe some similar however never the exact same. You start to understand the volume of variations in people in the world. Some fascinate you due to intelligence such as documentary about Steve Jobs or you become astounded by disbelief of crimes committed.

The basic fact is you can do a documentary on anything, you can tell a story of how a pen was created or how Barack Obama became president. You can tell the true story, now I say “true” lightly as often documentaries are often angled in a certain way to be on a certain side of the story. You can learn from documentaries, provided content makes you think about the world and people in different way they also raise important issues; I think this is important. I know when I am reviewing a documentary or film, I often end up adding in my thoughts. The truth is they always makes me question, it leads me on to another thing then another thing, then think what if? Or could it be that? Questioning and understanding life is important and I believe documentaries allow you to do this.


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