Baby Driver (2017) Film Review *****

Genius, absolute genius. Edgar wright did good. The film of the Summer, Baby Driver is like no film you have ever seen before. Scrap La La Land, this movies soundtrack and musical vibe takes over any music based film I have seen in years.

A chaotic story of Baby a getaway driver caught up in crime, putting in his earphones music is his key to kicking ass behind the wheel. Played by actor Ansel Elgort, they couldn’t of picked a more perfect actor for Baby.

I remember getting my first I-Pod, you know the mini the size of a brick. I would lock my bedroom door and spend hours escaping the real world through music. I know music is used as escapism for many people around the world. 

The plot is pretty simple, Baby a guy of few words try’s to escape his criminal life but his boss and members of the squad will not make it easy for him. Action packed you sure are in for a ride. Not to mention the love story, this film has everything the audience want action, a moral story and young love. What’s not to like?


Your eyes are glued to the screen, your right with Baby unsure of his next move your pushing for him to reach freedom. You will never see the ending coming, not overly dramatic but not predictable.

With its colourful soundtrack, original plot and relentless action – you will not be disappointed trust me. This is the must watch movie of the year so far.


Edgar Wright


Edgar Wright


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  1. Pretty much every movieblog that I have been following, with one or two exceptions, absolutely love this film. I’m really getting curious for it. I had actually planned on skipping this one in the theatres and waiting for a dvd release, but now I am not so sure anymore. Great post as always 😊

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