Man on Wire (2008) Documentary Review *****

This documentary is based on the event of 25-year-old Philippe petit a French man who walked over a 200ft wire between the twin towers in 1974. Some may say Phillippe was crazy, idiotic for what he did but to me it was magical.

He made the impossible, possible. This documentary tells the story of the planning and enthusiasm of Phillippe throughout. He craved adventure, all I kept thinking was how were they going to get the wire across? They even thought of a football, baseball bat and a mini plane. He was a dare devil, with incredible self-belief.


The plan was as precise as a bank robbery, they pretended to be reporters to get intel on the building workers at the top of the towers. He was almost a con man but you never felt like you were against him. He was doing something that was defying odds and being the first man in the world to complete. Though his friends had doubts, he done it his team fired a bow across to the 2nd tower hooked it up and in the early hours of the morning and he performed.


New York came to a standstill. He lay, knelt on the wire, he would tease the cops as they went to grab him he would turn and walk the other way. This whole process was inspiring and one that the world would never forget. A must see documentary, it reminds the world that anything is possible.


James Marsh


Philippe Petit (book)


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  1. I love this documentary so much. Much more than the film. You say “some may say Phillippe was crazy, idiotic”? I do not understand it at all. He was comfortable doing what he did. He did it numerous times before. I do not understand how people could judge him so unfairly. Taking such risks was part of his passion.

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