Dunkirk (2017) Film Review ****

A raw war based film telling the story of the brave men who were evacuated from Dunkirk in 1940 after being over run and trapped by the Germans. The genius idea behind this film was that it was not based on one man and his story, it was based around a number of people, the troops on the land, the troops at sea and the troops in the air.

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You never know the full stories of individuals, you are simple taken through their battle for survival and to make it home. Home isn’t far away, but they are at war and the enemy is close and doing everything in their power to stop the evacuation.

The true brilliance was the practical effects, the thousands of troops and the use of real army and naval boats. Sometimes, I find that films throw so much special effects in that they become unrealistic and don’t display the real happenings of  a film based on a true event.


As you all may know, One Directions very own Harry Styles was in this movie. After watching King Arthur the legend of the sword, seeing David Beckham’s ridiculous and cringey acting I was concerned that maybe Harry would be the same. Much to my surprise he did a great job and undoubtely we will be seeing him on the big screen again in the near future.


War movies always seem to be a hit or miss, for me all that ever pops to mind is Saving Private Ryan which you simply  cant compare to Dunkirk, yeah they are both war films but they are completely different in so many ways. There is little dialogue in the film, don’t let that put you off, Dunkirk is all about the action and you will be kept on the edge of your seat rooting for them.

The pride of civilians travelling to Dunkirk to help bring the troops home was an emotional and wonderful scene, I must admit I  had a tear in my eye. I sure do feel patriotic now. A must see movie, get to the cinema and give it a watch.


Christopher Nolan



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  1. Nice review Lindsey. It was a tremendous looking movie, such quality on film. That soundtrack from Hans Zimmer was devastating and ramped the tension up to the utter max. The brooding tension filled every scene, crushing. The sound of the spitfires and the silent sound of fear got you right in the soul. I’m gonna have to see it again very soon. Can’t stop thinking about it. All the best…. Wolfie ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Well, I know I am in the minority here, in fact so far only one blog had a review that had the some problems with the film as I did. I found the film to be disappointing. I agree with you on all the technical aspects that were on offer for this movie. That was amazing and there is no denying the fact that Nolan is a genius director. I am a huge fan of him, and that will never change. What this movie lacked though was any attachment to characters. I had none whatsoever. I could not care less about what happened to any of them. I have seen a lot of great warmovies like Saving Private Ryan and the more recent Hacksaw Ridge, and I truly felt for everyone in those films. It was emotional and I got completely swept up in the dramas. I have read about Nolan’s goals for this, and what he set out to do. But for me personally it just did not work. I still enjoyed the movie though, and certainly did not think it to be a waste of time, but I just expected more out of it. Great review though ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. Hey, after reading your comment I do get where you coming from, like you don’t get a connection with the characters. You’ve made a really good point! I didn’t think about it from that perspective. I really enjoyed how it was action packed, a brilliant watch at the cinema. However, I still think Baby Driver is the movie of the year so far! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Great review Lindsey!

    It is such a relentless and intense film that kept me hooked for the duration. I was surprised that the film was less than 2 hours, which is unusual for Nolan and for war films. I’m hoping to seeing it again this coming week! ๐Ÿ™‚

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