Girls Trip (2017) Film Review ****

I was literally crying with laughter throughout this film, I do like comedy movies however it takes a lot to make me laugh hysterically. Now this film really is for us girls, featuring the one and only Queen Latifah you will be pleasantly surprised at how good the film actually is.

Being in my mid twenties i’m well aware that friendships drift apart however there is always those friends that will be by your side no matter what and just get you. This really is  the moral meaning behind the film.


The story line four old college friends Ryan, Lisa, Sasha and Dina the “Floosy Poose” take a trip to New Orleans for Essence Festival. Each have their own unique personalities and complement each other, although their friendship is tested at times. Their lives have undoubtedly changed since college however they are ready to have fun and let loose, for a trip they will never forget.

I really don’t wanna give away too many spoilers but to give you an insight some of the scenes are slightly x-rated (i’m not talking fifty shades of grey style) and almost vulgar. But the shock aspect is what will have you nearly falling off your seat laughing.


My favourite character was Dina, shes a no messing doesn’t give a shit non-stop party girl, that will do anything to defend her friends. Yeah, theirs a lot of partying,  not to mention the tripping in the Club (my favourite scene) but you also learn about the difficulties going on in there lives.

A true film reminding us of the importance of Sisterhood. P.s guys i’m sure you will love it too, the guy next to me was literally clapping his hands with laughter.


Malcolm D. Lee


Erica Rivinoja (story by), Kenya Barris (story by) | 3 more credits »


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