Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story (2017) Documentary Review ***

Do you believe that there is life beyond earth? Are us humans on the wrong planet? Are they amongst us? Do aliens really exist? Prior to watching this documentary, I had all these thoughts running through my mind. It’s not a subject that I am passionate about as I feel there is little evidence to... Continue Reading →


Man on Wire (2008) Documentary Review *****

This documentary is based on the event of 25-year-old Philippe petit a French man who walked over a 200ft wire between the twin towers in 1974. Some may say Phillippe was crazy, idiotic for what he did but to me it was magical. He made the impossible, possible. This documentary tells the story of the... Continue Reading →

Why do I enjoy documentaries?

Documentaries tell stories based on facts, often fiction can be brought into documentaries however the stories are generally told of the direct events. When watching a documentary often you are taken through step by step and you become desperate to know the ending/summary however you know you must watch every bit in-between. It’s like reading... Continue Reading →

Yeah he’s like marmite; you either love or hate Piers Morgan. Some mornings when I am watching him on good morning Britain before I go to work drinking my coffee and doing my hair, I have often feel stressed out as its like 7AM and he’s having a full blown debate, forever interrupting the other... Continue Reading →

I Am Jane Doe (2017) Documentary Review ***

Backpage.com made selling children online, as easy as ordering a pizza. Girls as young as thirteen were being trafficked, experiencing the life from hell, burned beaten on a daily basis forced into sexual acts, all while backpage.com profited from the advertisements that the pimps uploaded. How could they not take any responsibility? This documentary shows... Continue Reading →


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