Yeah he’s like marmite; you either love or hate Piers Morgan. Some mornings when I am watching him on good morning Britain before I go to work drinking my coffee and doing my hair, I have often feel stressed out as its like 7AM and he’s having a full blown debate, forever interrupting the other... Continue Reading →

I Am Jane Doe (2017) Documentary *** made selling children online, as easy as ordering a pizza. Girls as young as thirteen were being trafficked, experiencing the life from hell, burned beaten on a daily basis forced into sexual acts, all while profited from the advertisements that the pimps uploaded. How could they not take any responsibility? This documentary shows... Continue Reading →

Passengers (2016) Film ***

Oh, hey another movie with Chris Pratt & the beautiful and hilarious Jennifer Lawrence. When I watched the trailer, I thought the movie looked like a space thriller adventure with a love story. I was expecting intensity, cliff hangers and the “oh my god are they going to make it moment”. However, this wasn’t the... Continue Reading →

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