Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story (2017) Documentary Review ***

Do you believe that there is life beyond earth? Are us humans on the wrong planet? Are they amongst us? Do aliens really exist? Prior to watching this documentary, I had all these thoughts running through my mind. It’s not a subject that I am passionate about as I feel there is little evidence to... Continue Reading →


Why do I enjoy documentaries?

Documentaries tell stories based on facts, often fiction can be brought into documentaries however the stories are generally told of the direct events. When watching a documentary often you are taken through step by step and you become desperate to know the ending/summary however you know you must watch every bit in-between. It’s like reading... Continue Reading →

Yeah he’s like marmite; you either love or hate Piers Morgan. Some mornings when I am watching him on good morning Britain before I go to work drinking my coffee and doing my hair, I have often feel stressed out as its like 7AM and he’s having a full blown debate, forever interrupting the other... Continue Reading →

I Am Jane Doe (2017) Documentary Review ***

Backpage.com made selling children online, as easy as ordering a pizza. Girls as young as thirteen were being trafficked, experiencing the life from hell, burned beaten on a daily basis forced into sexual acts, all while backpage.com profited from the advertisements that the pimps uploaded. How could they not take any responsibility? This documentary shows... Continue Reading →


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