Girls Trip (2017) ****

I was literally crying with laughter throughout this film, I do like comedy movies however it takes a lot to make me laugh hysterically. Now this film really is for us girls, featuring the one and only Queen Latifah you will be pleasantly surprised at how good the film actually is. Being in my mid... Continue Reading →

Why do I enjoy documentaries?

Documentaries tell stories based on facts, often fiction can be brought into documentaries however the stories are generally told of the direct events. When watching a documentary often you are taken through step by step and you become desperate to know the ending/summary however you know you must watch every bit in-between. It’s like reading... Continue Reading →

A Teacher (2013) ***

Every time I browse online news, there always seems to be a story popping up about a teacher sleeping with a student. It seems to be apparent that it’s happening a lot these days. So, when I read the story line for this movie I was kind of intrigued, I was thinking maybe it will... Continue Reading →

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